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The $64 million fund provided by USAID is a big blessing to the people of Lebanon.

“The United States agency for international development has recently provided funds of approximately $64M to assist the disastrous condition of Lebanon’s people due to food scarcity and poor economic conditions”

Lebanon’s worst economic condition is not a piece of recent news to know, it began two years ago when the corona pandemic began, Since then, the nation’s economic situation has likewise gotten worse. 

To improve the situation of people in Lebanon due to the poor economic condition of the nation, as well as the food insecurity, The United States Agency for international development(USAID) has contributed food relief to the people of Lebanon. The food items were non-perishable for instance rice, pasta, lentils, and so on. Including funds for perishable food items.

USAID – being one of the largest official aid organizations in the world looks after civilian foreign aid and development aid. It is an autonomous agency in the US federal government.

Based on the findings of ‘World Report 2022’

Beirut Blast was a disastrous incident that occurred on 4 August 2020, at Beirut’s port. It was one of the most destructive non-nuclear explosions in history, wiping more than half of the city. Almost 219 people were killed, 7000 people were injured and also several people had to suffer from disabilities. Not only did this catastrophe result in deaths, but it also had a substantial negative impact on the economy.

However, The report states that Lebanese leaders are also responsible equally for this severe condition of the economy as well as their people. For illustration, the court dismissed a judge who was appointed to investigate the cause in Feb 2021,

According to the World Bank, Lebanese authorities are responsible for the economic and financial condition of Lebanon due to a lack of adequate policy measures. Subsequently, the inflation rate rises up to 281%  between June 2019 to June 2020, also the food price increases up to 550% between 2020 to 2021. Next, the national currency rate value had diminished by 90% and the government still imposed arbitrary rules, restricting people from withdrawing cash.

Furthermore, as of March 2021, approximately 78 percent of people were living in poverty. The government provided no support to citizens. This is not just the end, There are other additional problems brought on by the tragedy, and they are connected. Harsh economic conditions led to poor health.

Also, Due to insufficient resources such as medicine, fuel, electricity, and equipment. hospitals and medical centers were forced to stop delivering assistance to ill people. Medical supplies and medicines that used to be imported from other countries were stopped, which further caused several deaths. 

The impact was beyond imagination, it was the people who suffered who knew the pain that they were going through and still facing. It is the responsibility of the government to care for their people because they exist due to their people’s support. According to the United Nations, the people had no basic rights which include health, education, and a basic standard of living.

In Conclusion,

The United States has contributed approximately $510 million from October 2020. The United Nations is extremely concerned about the growing need in Lebanon and continues to encourage other contributors to boost their donations. More than 740,000 families will get essential food support owing to an extra $64 million in funding from the UN International Food Program.

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