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Amount has raised $99M for its Series D funding.

At a valuation of slightly over $1 billion, technology provider Amount raised $99 million in a Series D fundraising round. Amount serves banks and other financial institutions. WestCap, a growth equity company founded by Laurence Tosi, a former CFO of Blackstone and Airbnb, led the...

Shopify Makes a $100 Million Investment In Automation Platform Klaviyo

Shopify made an investment amounting to $100m in one of the marketing automation platforms, Klaviyo. The investment is made to strengthen the existing partnership between the two companies. Moreover, Shopify will try to make Klaviyo the most recommended email product for all of its...

The $64 million fund provided by USAID is a big blessing to the people of Lebanon.

"The United States agency for international development has recently provided funds of approximately $64M to assist the disastrous condition of Lebanon's people due to food scarcity and poor economic conditions" Lebanon’s worst economic condition is not a piece of recent news to know, it began...