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Why a Bachelor of Arts Degree is More Versatile Than You Think

A Bachelor of Arts is an interdisciplinary course that offers flexibility in choosing the course. The broad and diverse approach of a bachelor’s degree in the arts allure students because it can provide adaptability and possibilities while looking for a job or a postgraduate degree.

Curious to know how this degree is versatile and Which BA colleges in Bhopal you can consider for pursuing this course? If yes, then read this blog.

Table Of Contents
1. Bachelor of Arts- overview
2. Key highlights of the BA course
3. Benefits of a BA degree
4. The versatility of BA in different industries
5. Why choose MGU for BA colleges in Bhopal?
6. Final words

Bachelor of Arts- Overview

A bachelor of arts is an undergraduate degree that covers a variety of subjects from humanities to science. Top universities in MP such as Mansarovar Global University offer BA General and BA Hons. Courses in their course curriculum.

Key highlights of the BA course

Course LevelUndergraduate
Course Duration3 years
Eligibility CriteriaStudents must have Passed with 50% aggregate marks in 10+2 or equivalent.
Students belonging to reserved categories will receive the relaxation in eligibility criteria as per State Govt. norms.
Admission ProcessAdmission will be given on a merit basis. 
Specialization in BA HonsEnglish, Hindi, History, Sociology, Home Science, Political Science, Economics, Geography, Social Work, Public Administration, Rural Development, Human Rights
Course Fee25,000 per annum

Benefits of a BA degree

  • The majority of the subjects included in the BA course are helpful in the preparation of competitive examinations.
  • This course will help you in mastering basic life skills such as problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and critical thinking.
  • This course will give you a detailed insight into your surroundings, societies, and cultures.
  • BA course helps you in setting up a strong foundation for higher education courses.
  • With these degree courses, you can select subjects of your choice.
  • As this is a versatile degree, it offers enormous career opportunities in multiple sectors.

The versatility of BA in different industries

The BA degree is considered to be a useful investment as this degree opens the door to numerous career options. With this versatile degree, you’ll have the option to choose employment options in government or private sector organizations.

Let’s check out some of the top industries that you can join after completing your BA course

  1. Public sector- After completing their BA from the BA colleges in Bhopal, students can opt for the civil services competitive examination, Panchayati Raj, municipal bodies, etc. Students who study Public administration and political science subjects have a higher chance of getting a job in the government sector.

Below- mentioned is the list of popular government jobs after the BA

Civil servantGovernment lecturerProject technical officer
Government economistSBI relationship managerGovernment editor
Office AssistantPCS officerIAS Officer
  1. Private sectors– In the private sector, BA graduates from the best Arts colleges in Bhopal can look for employment opportunities in healthcare, Banking, finance, marketing, education, administration, etc.
  • Education- For students interested in joining the education industry, pursuing BA is their first choice as this degree gives them a wider choice of subjects to choose from and also sets a strong foundation for MA and Ph.D. courses. BA English, Hindi, and economics are some of the popular BA specialization courses among such students.
  • Social Services– Students of sociology or social work can join this sector to solve the social problems of society. This graduate works in counseling centers, human rights agencies, NGOs, etc.
  • Media & Journalism– There are several media careers available following a BA, ranging from writing for newspapers, journals, magazines, and online news websites to working with news stations. Graduates of the BA program may also pursue a Master’s in Mass Communication or a Postgraduate Diploma in this field. 
  • Social media & Digital marketing- One of the trending sectors of the present times, after completing BA, you can look forward to joining social media & digital marketing agencies or firms. You can also opt for short time courses for content writing, website development, copywriting, etc. to enhance your skills.
  • Banking Jobs- You can apply for banking sector jobs in both the public & private sectors. There are various banking exams such as SBI PO, IBPS, and SBI SO which you can give to secure your job.

Why choose MGU for BA colleges in Bhopal?

  • MGU has one of the best humanities and science faculty members in Bhopal.
  • This college organizes guest lectures, and seminars in regular intervals to keep you updated with the recent trends in the industry.
  • The college offers research-led training and industrial visits in prominent companies of your specialization that will give you practical industry exposure.
  • This college offers a relevant course curriculum that will help you become industry ready.
  • The college’s infrastructure includes excellent classrooms, residential facilities, medical facilities, canteen facilities, etc.
  • Various leading companies visit the college campus to hire our students.

Final words

Hopefully, this blog helped you in understanding pursuing BA should not be your last resort but you should opt for this course because of the career opportunities this course will provide you. To make your dream career with a BA degree, get admission to the best university in Bhopal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which are the top recruiters of BA graduates in India?

Organizations like Milap, Aaj Tak, NDTV, Goonj, Amity University, Chandigarh University, and Dainik Jagran are some of the top recruiters of BA graduates in India.

  1. What are the skills required to get admission to top BA colleges in Bhopal?

Skills that can help get admission and make a successful career in BA are-

Organization skills

Analytical thinking

Problem-solving skills

Management skills

Communication skills


  1. Why choose a Bachelor of Arts degree?

The BA degree offers one of the most varied programs in terms of the range of higher education options open to graduates, in addition to employment opportunities across several industries. You’ll be able to find employment in their field or courses for additional education depending on the BA specialization they choose.

  1. What is BA in psychology?

BA in psychology concentrates on the study of the mind and behaviors of people. It introduces students to several areas of psychology, including criminal psychology, social psychology, counselling, behavioural psychology, and group psychology.

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