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The major world population today has turned into a fashionista colony by upgrading their fashion with the advent of super stylist fashion design houses and experts. As people haul towards fashion upgrades to replenish their outlook, the demand for fashion designers has spiked up all around the world and this rise is a straight mark for a bright career in the fashion designing industry.

A wide range of courses have been introduced ranging from diploma in fashion design to master courses. Pursuing any fashion course is an opener to a roguish career. This article will help you know the career options available after a diploma in fashion design.

1. Know about the course, Diploma in Fashion Design 
2. Syllabus of Diploma in Fashion Design 
3. Top Colleges to pursue Diploma in Fashion Design 
4. Skills required for pursuing Diploma in Fashion Design 
5. Career Options for Diploma in Fashion Design
a.Areas of Recruitment for Diploma in Fashion Designing Graduates
b.Job positions available in various areas of recruitment
6. Conclusion 
7. FAQs

Know about the course, Diploma in Fashion design:

Mastering art in any field begins from scratch and Diploma in Fashion Design is the basic course offered in top fashion colleges such as LISAA School of Design, one of the best design institutes in Bangalore.

Here are the complete details about this course:

Course Diploma in Fashion Design
Course DescriptionThe Diploma in Fashion Designing course focuses on imparting knowledge in fashion design, retail conversion, and management of fashion products in the fashion industry.
Course Level Polytechnic Level
Duration1 year
Eligibility CriteriaThe basic eligibility criteria required for pursuing a Fashion Design Diploma at top colleges like LISAA School of Design, one of the best fashion designing colleges in Bangalore is detailed below:
Candidates should have completed 10+2 in any recognized board at any recognized educational institution.
Admission ProcedureAdmission to the diploma in fashion design course at most fashion design colleges in Bangalore is based on the entrance test and personal interview conducted by the school.
Candidates with exceptional skills in arts & design are considered based on interviews and their portfolios.
Average Course FeeINR 1-2 LPA

Syllabus of Diploma in Fashion Design:

The fashion Designing Course is designed with an extraordinary course curriculum that provides impeccable design knowledge and an in-depth understanding of textiles, apparel, etc.

Introduction to Fashion Design History of Fashion Design Principles of Fashion Design Design Development & Designing Textile Fibers Pattern Completion & Garment Construction Fabric Sourcing, Pattern Making, Sizing & Measurement Garment Structure & Pre Production Creating a Clothing Brand Project Work & Assessment

Top colleges to pursue Diploma in Fashion & Textile Design:

As India is one of the most emerging fashion iconic countries in the world, it has quite remarkable schools of fashion such as the LISAA School of Design and many more.

Here is the list of some of the top schools of fashion for your diploma in fashion  course:

Top Fashion Design CollegesAverage Course Fee
LISAA School of DesignINR 2, 10,000
International Institute of Fashion Design, MumbaiINR 1, 67,000
Institute of Design, ChennaiINR 95,000
Madras Institute of Fashion TechnologyINR 1, 07,000
Integrated Institute of Education TechnologyINR 1, 23,000

Skills required for pursuing Diploma in Fashion Design:

As fashion designing is one of the artistic career options as it involves lots of imagination and creativity, let us know the skills required for pursuing Diploma in Fashion Design:

  • Creativity 
  • Artistic Ability 
  • Sense of Style 
  • Strong Sewing Skills 
  • Strong Visualization Skills
  • Good Business Sense 
  • Better Communication Skills 
  • Competitive Spirit 
  • Computer Skills 
  • Detailed Orientation Skills 
  • Decision-Making Skills 
  • Team Player 
  • Knowledge of Current Fashion Trends

Career options for Diploma in Fashion Design:

As the world today is plunging into the fashion era, there is immense scope for fashion designers. 

Fashion designers are hired in enormous areas for numerous job roles. Let us explore more about the career scope for Diploma in Fashion Design:

Areas of recruitment for Diploma in Fashion Designing Graduates:

Here is a view into areas of recruitment and top companies in those areas that hire graduates in courses such as diploma in fashion designing, Bachelors in fashion designing and PG Fashion designing.

Areas of recruitmentTop Companies 
Fashion Retail CompaniesPantaloonsLifestyle Reliance TrendsShoppers StopSnapdeal 
Fashion MagazineVogueElleCosmopolitanHarper’s Bazaar
Designer HousesSabyasachi Manish MalhotraPayal SinghalTarun Tahilani
Fashion BrandsRaymond Levi’sAllen SollyGlobusAvaasaLivaPeter EnglandBiba
Fashion Show Management CentresMilan Fashion WeekNew York Fashion Week
Media HousesIndia TodayNDTV India
Freelance Fashion DesigningIt’s obviously yours

Job positions available in various areas of recruitment:

Let us take a look at the different career options available after Diploma in Fashion Design:

Jobs for fashion designersDescription Average salary in India (INR)
Fashion DesignerFashion designers are involved in conceptualizing stylish costumes to convert them into stunning outfits.3.8 LPA
Fashion MarketerFashion Marketer is responsible for marketing and creating brand awareness for fashion products such as clothing, apparel, etc4 LPA
Fashion Consultant / Personal StylistA fashion Consultant is someone who works for an individual and guides them in their choice of fashion such as attire, apparel, etc2.5 LPA
Fashion CoordinatorFashion Coordinator is responsible to coordinate the fashion components and designs in the fashion design house17.6 LPA
Fashion Concept ManagerFashion Concept Manager exclusively works on creating impeccable fashion concepts and designs for the designers to work on6 LPA
Fashion Show OrganizerThe Fashion Show Organizer works for a particular brand and becomes responsible for conducting fashion shows and parades for the brand’s promotion.3.75 LPA

The above mentioned salary scale is for freshers and it is subjected to increase with much higher education such as MBA in Fashion Designing and with experience.


The world today being a vogue platform is all set to experience impeccable fashion. So pursuing any fashion design courses such as Diploma in Fashion Design, Bachelor in Fashion Design, etc will be a worthwhile decision for a bright creative future. In parallel to this, you can also try other design courses such as diploma in Interior design, Diploma in Graphic Design, etc which do have a significant future career in this fast-forwarding world.


  1. Is mathematics knowledge compulsory for fashion design?

No, fashion designing doesn’t require any complicated subject skills like mathematics, physics, etc. It requires creativity, artistic thinking, colour knowledge, etc.

  1. What is the age limit for fashion design courses?

There is no age limit for fashion design courses. The minimum age required for Diploma in Fashion Designing would be 15 years whereas for Bachelor in Fashion Design would be 17 years.

  1. What are the other diploma courses in design?

Other Diploma courses in design includes:

  • Diploma in Interior Design 
  • Diploma in Textile Design 
  • Diploma in Graphic Design 
  1. What is the average salary for fashion designers?

The average salary for fashion designers ranges from INR 3 LPA to INR 25 LPA based on experience.

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