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Unique Ways to Use Cohesive Bandages

A cohesive bandage is a type of compression bandage that offers some elasticity and support. Because of the bandage’s unique qualities, it is often referred to as a kind of self-adhesive strapping or tape.

Let’s take a look at what makes a cohesive bandage a great tool to have on hand at all times and how it can be helpful in a wide range of situations. 

Features of Cohesive Bandage

  1. Separatable by hand. You do not need a pair of scissors, you can easily use your hands to tear the bandage. It is ideal for fast-securing wounds or scratches.
  2. Self-adhesive. The cohesive bandage sticks to itself and not the skin. It makes it easy to apply and adjust the tape as required for quick applications. Also, the adhesive quality makes the bandage slip-resistant and water-resistant.
  3. Practical. Cohesive bandages are durable and lightweight. The application of cohesive bandages is also quick, easy, and simple. It also offers a consistent mild compression.
  4. Hypoallergenic. It reduces the chances of allergic reactions caused by the bandage material.

Unique Ways to Use Cohesive Bandages

Bandage for Animal Injuries 

If you own a pet, you should keep rolls of cohesive bandage on hand in case your pet becomes injured. These bandages are ideal for animal injuries because they do not stick to the fur or skin of the animal.

It secures the wounded region for as long as needed. In addition, if your dog, horse, or cat is hurt, you can use colorful cohesive bandages to make your pet look cool while walking around the park.

Care for Tattoos

For tattoo lovers, you use a cohesive bandage to cover your new tattoo. It will keep off dirt, and sunlight and secure the tattooed area. The bandage does not stick to the skin,  nor damage or irritate the new tattoo. 


When playing a racket game, your hands may get sweaty making it hard to play. You can avoid such a situation during a game by wrapping the racket’s handle with a cohesive bandage. 

It has a sweat-resistant grip and will not stick to your hair. With a better grip, it may provide you an advantage in the game. It also adds some patterns and colors to your actions.

Secure Shin Guard

Many soccer players have to fuss with their shin guards while playing the game because the guards keep falling and disturbing the game. To keep your shin pads in position, put a cohesive bandage over the shin guard on both the top and bottom of the guards.

Use as a Finger Tape

Because of its inherent strength, the cohesive bandage is suitable for football goalkeepers. It can protect and support the wrists and fingers while saving the ball.

The bandage provides stability to your joints. it also increases flexion while decreasing extension. As a result, your fingers will rarely bend backward during a ball save.

Ice Pack Wraps

When you have strains, bruises, or sprained ankles, an ice pack can help to reduce swelling and numb the discomfort. However, holding an ice pack for a long period of time will cause your hands to become numb. So, you can be inventive and wrap the cohesive bandage over the ice pack to create an improvised, cold temporary wrap.

Securing Loose Bandages.

A cohesive bandage can hold a fabric bandage because it is easy to use and can stick to the skin easily. Wrap the wound with the cohesive bandage after you’ve applied the fabric bandage.

Apply more compression to prevent serious bleeding, and don’t be worried about ripping because a cohesive bandage can stretch. If the injury, on the other hand, is not severe, you can apply the cohesive bandage straight to the wound.

Kids’ Artwork

The cohesive bandages come in a variety of colors. Kids can have endless possibilities for creating different designs and pictures. 

The cohesive bandages also will not leave any hard-to-clean mess after your child is done with the project. To spark the creativity of your child, choose cohesive bandages with patterns and colors as they are cost-effective and unique.

Calming Your Dog

Some dogs are nervous when around new people or places. A cohesive bandage might assist your dog in calming down. You can do this by wrapping the dog’s limb joints with cohesive bandages. This is believed to hit the pressure points that reduce anxiety and help the dog stay calm.

Benefits of Using Cohesive Bandage

  1. It does not fall off easily. The cohesive bandage remains until you remove it. And, unlike other strapping tapes, it does not need to be applied as tightly to achieve the desired stretch.
  2. Easy-to-use. You can tear it both length and width with your hands. You don’t have to go looking for a pair of scissors. 
  3. It can be re-used or re-applied. Once you apply a cohesive bandage, you can use it again. It does not lose its stickiness. Also, in case of the wrong application, you can remove it and put it again in the right spot. 
  4. Residue-free. A cohesive bandage does not leave residue on the skin.
  5. Versatility. It provides varying levels of support. It can offer support for injured or weak joints and light or firm areas.
  6. Stretchy. When stretched, it can stretch to twice its original length. It assists you in determining the appropriate compression level for a given situation.

How to Apply Cohesive Bandage

  • Clean and dry the affected area.
  • Unfold enough length before you start wrapping on the area to allow the bandage to relax. Ensure there is no tension when applying the first circle.
  • Partly wrap the overlapped circles. To give the required support, apply with enough tension.
  • Rip the bandage.
  • Squeeze the end of the bandage. It allows it to fix itself with no tension.

Where to Buy Cohesive Bandages

Cohesive bandages are getting popular due to their variety of uses. However, you may not always find them in local stores. Therefore, you can look for the bandage from online shops. Hampton Adams is one of the online shops dedicated to selling sports tapes. You can get various colors of cohesive bandage to choose from.

Finally, this article should help you understand why cohesive bandage is getting popular and the unique ways they can be used to fix quick injuries. 

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