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Top Traits To Look For In An Experienced Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is a skill. A good ghostwriter should master the art of writing coherently. Creativity is also another aspect a ghostwriter should have. Thus, don’t just hire any writer. Go for the best ghostwriter. Choose experienced memoir ghostwriters with proven track records. Ensure that he/she has mastered the basic ghostwriting rules. Look for the following traits when hiring your next ghostwriter.

Able To Meet Deadlines

Don’t choose a ghostwriter who will take ages to produce a book. You need to write a book quickly. Thus, choose an efficient ghostwriter. Hire a ghostwriter who can focus on delivering your work within specific timelines.

A good ghostwriter should be time conscious when delivering his/her work. Efficiency is all about meeting deadlines. It entails minimizing time wastage. Choose someone who understands the importance of meeting deadlines.

Communicate Efficiently

Effective communication is another important trait a top ghostwriter should possess. Effective communication allows a ghostwriter to connect with readers with much ease. He/she should not struggle to express ideas. A good communicator should write precisely. Plus, modern writers do more than write.

Nowadays, most writers can edit, strategize, produce, etc. Still more, book writing is collaborative. Thus, choose someone who can communicate with multiple people and streamline the process. Choose someone who communicates in such a way that everyone feels satisfied. Choose someone who asks questions. This minimizes missteps when writing your book.

Exceptional Organizational Skills

The book writing process requires a high level of organization. Thus, select someone who is well organized. He/she should keep the editorial calendar. He/she should know the deliverables and deadlines. Choose a ghostwriter who maintains records of his/her work.

Hire an expert with a precise structure for achieving the results. The structure should incorporate the deliverables, timelines, revisions, recommendations, etc. He/she should also know how to undertake administrative tasks, including scheduling interviews and answering calls or emails, among others.


You have a vision. The work of the writer is to work with your vision. At first, understanding your vision can be challenging. However, with time, he/she will easily master your vision. That’s where patience comes in.

A good ghostwriter should have patience. He/she should be willing to give others a chance to air their views. Choose someone who can patiently interact with others in the book-writing process. He/she should be ready to deal with multiple opinions.

Still more, there will be so many suggestions. It requires someone who can patiently accommodate options from other people. Avoid abrasive ghostwriters. They will make the writing process difficult. Don’t choose pushy ghostwriters. They will hurt the ghostwriting process.

Collaborate Effectively

Choose a ghostwriter who is willing to collaborate with the rest of the book-writing team. Collaboration helps streamline operations in the book-writing process. It helps achieve better results. It improves efficiency in the book-writing process. It minimizes conflicts and miscommunications.

Choose someone willing to share ideas and experiences. Choose a ghostwriter who can share viewpoints and opinions with you. This will boost the book-writing process.

Exceptional Writing Skills

Choose a ghostwriter with strong writing skills. Choose someone who has mastered the rules of writing. He/she should have a strong writing background. Writing skills entails constructing coherent sentences, using the right tenses, and punctuation. Choose someone who has the skills to do proper spelling and grammar.

Good Researcher

A good ghostwriter should have exceptional research skills. He/she should not have a problem researching different topics. He/she should research accurately with minimal supervision. Remember, he/she will be handling most of the book writing tasks. Thus, choose someone who can research without supervision. He/she should use correct citations. Choose a writer who understands the power of using accurate research when doing research


This is your book. You have certain ideas in mind. Trusting someone with your ideas can be challenging. However, with an honest ghostwriter, you have someone you can trust with your ideas. Thus, choose an honest person to work on your book.

Choose an experienced person you can trust to deliver excellent results. Choose someone who can adapt to your style without any issues. Schedule an interview with a potential ghostwriter. Ask him/her questions.


Ghostwriters are talented differently. Each ghostwriter has his/her weaknesses and strengths. While certain writers are comfortable with a specific niche, versatile writers can deliver in any niche. Versatility allows a ghostwriter to get into unfamiliar territories.

Choosing a versatile ghostwriter will benefit the book-writing process. He/she can merge complex ideas into your book, making it stand out from the rest. Plus, a versatile ghostwriter can incorporate ideas from other books into your content without struggling.

Ability To Understand Things Easily

Ghostwriting requires a lot of creative thinking. You need someone who can easily understand your vision. He/she should be able to understand your perspective. A good writer should understand your explicit goals quickly and effectively. He/she will take use your vision to write a book that appeals to your target audience.

Detail Oriented

Choose a writer who has attention to detail. Through attention to detail, he/she can easily capture your voice. He/she will factor in small details. For instance, details such as voice, word choice, etc. can affect your book. A good writer will analyze previous works before creating a unique book.

Ask Questions

Writing a book requires a lot of collaboration. To be on the safer side, choose someone who asks many questions. This is the only way you can be sure of getting a good book. He/.she can easily capture all your ideas in the book. Asking questions ensures that both parties are on the same side. Top questions your writer can ask include:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Do you have any book in mind you will want to emulate?
  • Do you have specific timelines?

The Bottom-Line

You need a quality manuscript, right? Well, then hire the best. Choose the right ghostwriter. Go for an experienced ghostwriter. A good ghostwriter should have effective communication skills. Check the ghostwriter’s organizational skills. Select a motivated ghostwriter. The above are the top traits a good ghostwriter should have.

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