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Top Rated Educational Video Games for Children 

Video games were initially created for recreational purposes. Its usage, however, has increased and brought in educational promotion owing to the tremendous popularity and inclination of kids toward the medium. Video games prove to be an excellent resource for teaching certain educational and life skills in a subtle manner. Specifically designed educational games prompt and positively engage kids. Many kids are hyperactive and it is difficult to have them sit down and study with books. Video games are especially useful for these kids as they teach concepts in a fun way while keeping the kids engaged. Many educational video games are available on the web. These games require a reliable internet connection such as the Spectrum One to run smoothly. While other games require specialized gaming devices such as the PlayStation and Xbox.

Famous Educational Video Games 

 Some of the famous educational video games are discussed in the article below.


Age: 8+ years 

Scratch is an interactive coding game. It has a user-friendly interface and teaches coding with block coding concepts. It has appealing visuals and teaches coding in a simplified way. Scratch teaches a variety of coding languages that children can begin learning at early stages in an easy and entertaining way. 


Age: 7+ years 

Minecraft is one of the most popular educational games. It consists of colorful building blocks and tools. Minecraft is visually appealing with its advanced graphics. It is a unique game that allows children to choose building projects according to their liking. It also enables them to learn crafting tools. The game has no finish line which allows children to choose different projects and work at their own pace providing them the leverage of being creative and refining their project.

Minecraft can be played individually or in teams. Team projects teach the children importance of teamwork and problem-solving when working with a larger group.

World Rescue

Age: 7+ years

World Rescue is one of the most popular games in the educational category. It is a unique game of its nature that spreads awareness about real-world problems among children. This superhero game enables kids to solve real-world problems like drought, pollution, disease, and deforestation. It is an informative game that also teaches kids about geographical facts and real-life problems. Its advanced features present images very close to the real world and give the feel of a real-life situation. 


Age: 8+ years 

Zoombinis is an intellectually promoting video game. It teaches children the monotony of patterns and logic. The game requires players to help the baby ducklings get to their home safely in Zoombiniville while dodging the evil. It has 12 stages and each stage increases the difficulty level. It gives children a chance to practice their problem-solving skills and provides a great learning experience for children 8 years and up. 

Nancy Drew Mysteries

Age: 9+years

Nancy Drew is a popular book series of the ’90s for children. It is of the mystery genre and enables children to practice their problem-solving skills in solving mysteries related to real-life situations. It fosters curiosity and prompts the kids to learn more about the world.

It is helpful for children to learn about foreign cultures and languages. It educates children about world history and boosts their analytical abilities.

National Geographic Challenge

Age: 9+ years 

National Geographic is an excellent game for kids to increase their general knowledge. It teaches them about historical figures and the geographic world around them. The game is packed with informational questionnaires that help in the learning process. It is a visually appealing game with images provided by National Geographic. It is a fun way for kids to strengthen their knowledge and promote their competitive abilities.


Age: 10+years 

Eloh is an educational game that teaches mathematical concepts in a simplified manner at an early stage. It teaches concepts of trigonometry, angles, and shapes in fun ways that engage the children and helps them grasp the concepts easily.

The difficulty level increases with every stage but there is no time limit to complete a level. This allows the children to learn concepts at their own pace before moving forward.


Age: 10+ years

Wordscapes enable children to build an extensive vocabulary and apply logical skills to discover hidden words. The concept is to make the maximum number of words with a set number of alphabets. It keeps the children engaged as they continuously try to create new words to cross each level.

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