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Sedordle is a new must-try game, specially made for fans of Wordle


For all the hardcore fans of Wordle, there’s some good news. Thanks to Palak Shah, the mind behind Sedordle who created a new notion – Sedordlealong with Josh Wardle. Sedordle is composed of multiple versions of New York’s famous Wordle game such as Dordle, Quordle, Octordle, and Kilordle. Read this article thoroughly to know what the game is all about. 



The Octordle game is about guessing 8 words in 13 tries. It shares much alikeness with the typical Wordle game, where you have to take two correct guesses in one go. So most people also refer to Octordle as a newer version of Wordle. The basic idea of guessing the correct words in a limited try is, however, consistent for both. This Wordle number 8 is especially for people who have surpassed mastery in dordle and quordle but are craving some extra spice. It will also not be wrong to say that Octordle is a more complicated version of both. 

Quordle instructions

If you are into Brain Teasers and Puzzles, you’ll end up loving quordle. The multilevel word game, called quordle is a derivative of Wordle but more advanced than its parent concept. Here you have to give four guesses, two more than the conventional Wordle game with the least number of incorrect ones. 

Wordle Game began storming the general public in 2021 soon after its launch and is well-played day-to-day. 

Most quordle enthusiasts go one winning game a day, with the main motive of guessing the right word on the first try itself. It sounds pretty easy to crack the code; however, it is not and the odds are one in a million. 



A more twisted game for Wordle experts is the Duotrigordle, specially made for the true potential players. Here, you are given 37 guesses total for around 32 correct words. You’ll also find out that there are 32 boards given on the screen; however, the catch is you can only type one word at a time. 

You have to start playing the Duotrigordle game by entering a word starting from a random letter by using the keyboard shown on your device screen. Follow the instructions and enter five correct words at the start to lock the board and enter into the next round. 



Waffle is yet another Wordle-inspired game, where players try to guess the hidden word correctly for a win. There’s only a slight difference between the two with the keyboards of Wordle needing fingers to tap on each letter, while waffle players can simply swipe from one letter to another. When the letters that you have swiped are allotted in the right position, you win. 

It is majorly like a Wordle game but more intense. Here, players are given 15 moves each in a game but try to finish the puzzle in 10 moves itself. Give enough time to yourself and evaluate well enough before each step.


Decordle is the Wordle version having 16 chances for 10 words of five letters. It also inclines enough with the Wordle rules, so picking up on it wouldn’t be a big issue for you. Players will be given one decordle puzzle each day and by midnight, it will be reset so you can have a new game every dawn. Allow the same setting for yourself to make your good morning a better one.

And although complicated like the rest, this version is mostly easy when compared. You can also consider this particular Wordle derivative to gradually upskill yourself and prepare for higher versions and complicated ones. 



Triordle or more commonly known as the Tridle is where you have to successfully pass a triple Wordle or three puzzles at the same time. It is just like Dordle and Quordle, just that you will have three puzzles rather than two and four. The rules are again that of taking guesses; and based on how good you do, it will either turn green, orange, or black for completely wrong guesses. There are a total of eight tries a player will get, and because the number is limited, take enough time to evaluate your guesses. For wrong guesses, take hints from your previous performance. 

Hexadecordle today

Here, players are given 23 tries each to guess 16 Hexadecordle words. All guesses should be a word of five letters. Once submitted, you will see green color pop up, so you know you did pretty well in guesses; while yellow letter appearance means the word is right but in the wrong place, and lastly, the black letters signify an entirely wrong guess. 

This game was envisioned as an alternative to Wordle as New Yorkers were starting to get bored by it. Hexadecordle today, is one of the most-loved Wordle versions and is usually considered by players who have already mastered the easier versions like Quordle and Tridle. 

https www sedecordle com mode free 

From 2021, the existence of sedecordle and its dominance is widely evidenced. Sedecordle is nothing, but a puzzle of words and a great option if you want to play Wordle but not precisely the conventional Wordle. It is a version with more challenges, where players are asked to solve words having five letters (sixteen in number at only 21 tries). Other rules of typing and placing words or letters and pressing submit are the same as other Wordle versions. Also, the color change you see and the meaning it refers to are copies of each other.  If you think you are ready for a new challenge at sedecordle, head to its official website which is https www sedecordle com mode free on Google.

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