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Knowing more about secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 23 : unveiling the secrets related to this historical practice!

Introduction :

Hello people! Through this article, today we will talk about a secret cultivation which took place secretly for a thousand years. First of all, what is Secret Cultivation? It is basically a cultivation procedure that is being done or performed secretly. 

What is this all about? 

One thousand years, truly, is a very long time. All the cultivators, the whole concept was an outlying and inaccessible one. Yet there was one great man who tried, managed and succeeded in this cultivation procedure and the cultivation survived for a thousand years. It was done by a person namely Xia Yu. Along with that, he is popularly known as the sovereign of the lineage of the Xia, Xia Yu. 

About :

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A man of high bound aptitude and aspiration. He took his generous birth in a honourable and honest family . When he was way too young, he lost his parents as they both were murdered. The later responsibility of Xia Yu, was then taken by his uncle. His uncle was by profession a cultivator too. 

When Xia Yu, was way too juvenile and junior, from then, he showed great Interest and passion in the field of cultivation. He passed all the levels of cultivation relations and seized out as one of the strongest cultivators of his time. 

But, he was not happy with it. He wanted to be “the one and only powerful one”. For the sake of this, Xia Yu moved over isolation and went on cultivating for over a span of one thousand years without even anyone knowing about all of these. Throughout this life span he faced various tough alive and dead situations. He defeated dangerous enemies and became more powerful. Well, over the completion of the span, Xia Yu achieved his goal of becoming the most strongest cultivator. 

The Secrets revolving around the Cultivations:

In the long lost era of cultivation, there are anonymous related issues and stuff that goes and moves on the inside that are totally unknown and are kept confidential. 

Secrets :

All the secrets are listed below :

  • The first one is the procedure involving the cultivation. This procedure plays a vital role in the successful career of a cultivation. Several methods are enlisted but people do it accordingly, the one that is suitable for that particular cultivator. 
  • The second one is the geography and the geographical area related to the cultivation. An idea geographical location is preferable for any sort of cultivation that is free from any sort of interruption from the foreign area
  • The third secret listed is the time period when the cultivation takes place. A suitable time should be chosen. A time that basically involves the quiet hours related to the foreign world. 
  • Fourth secret is the dimension and the scale of cultivation. Preferable dimensions should be measured for the cultivation. 
  • Fifth secret is the genre of cultivation. It should be selected wisely based on certain conditions such as the climatic conditions, weather of the geographical area, etc. 
  • The sixth secret is the total population of cultivators involved. 
  • The seventh secret is the age of the agriculturist Or the farmer engaged. 
  • Eighth secret enlisted is the rank of the cultivation engaged. 

Importance :

The Importance revolving to cultivation are listed below :

  • Cultivation enhances to ameliorate their comprehension and expertise in order to advance them more. 
  • The whole procedure of cultivation is all about studying and augmenting , which is a platform to enlarge fresh expertise and studying. A whole lot of a tough journey but worth it. 
  • Another important thing listed is that it allows people to extend their comprehensive perspective. You enhance your physical as well as mental expertise. 
  • Also, cultivation is important because it enhances the search for a purpose and motive in their life. 

Cultivation being the whole ideal procedure that is important to the cultivator as well as the foreign area that us surrounding him. You can ameliorate yourself as well as transform the outer world to a great location. 

Advantages :

  • Cultivation basically ameliorates and grades your attentiveness and also the individual’s focal point. 
  • Cultivation enhances and contributes to both of your bodily and mental features, and can also take you to the extreme points of awareness. 

Disadvantages :

  • Throughout the whole process of cultivation, you are way too prone to be by gone in the procedure. It is bad as the person forgets all his authority and works toward society. There will exist a sense of dominance and extra awareness. 
  • Another risk factor of cultivation is the preoccupied sense of all loaded with strength and favourable results. The cultivator being so long in the improvement and the power that he forgot his ethics to his life. 
  • Losing people and your beloved ones is another risk factor. He /she tends to be separated from the mainstream of the society, avoiding and letting slip off the real meaning of life and staying alive. 

Conclusion :

Throughout this whole article, we came to know about the secret cultivation that was carried out by someone for a thousand years, the battles he faced, the reasons behind doing so, and all the things that cultivation is related to and a brief discussion on cultivation.


Q1. Who exactly was the person Xia Yu?

Ans: Xia Yu, also can be called by the Pen name, was the ruler of a great dynasty named as the Xia outrange of reign.

Q2. Why is cultivation important?

Ans: Cultivation is important as it improves your focus, skills, strength and succeeding power.

Q3. Are there any benefits of cultivation?

Ans: Yes. It improves your focus, enlightenment and your physical and mental body related aspects.

Q4. Are there any side effects associated with cultivating? 

Ans: The individual may be too busy with this and obsessed and forget the outside world, his authorities and responsibilities and also become more obsessed with all the over success and over power.

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