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On Guard of Youth: 5 Anti-aging Rules of Jewelry Selection

Mature age is the perfect time to fall in love with yourself again. Of course, not without the help of jewelry! In this article we will tell you how to make an image with jewelry so that it becomes brighter, richer, fresher, hides age-related changes and throws off twelve years in a few seconds.

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Modern Sound

The first and most important rule! Even if you really love a family brooch made in vintage style, it is better to refuse such jewelry. For a powerful anti-age effect, choose products whose design meets modern fashion trends.

A Couple of Useful Tips

  • Spend some free time watching recent fashion shows and new collections of famous fashion houses.
  • Do not forget to conduct a regular audit of the jewelry box. Get rid of what is no longer in trend, and notice which jewelry will need to be purchased during the next shopping trip.
  • Do not hesitate to spy on the youth! It is not necessary to completely copy their style: at an elegant age, it is easy to cross the line between freshness and absurdity. However, to spy on a couple of chips — why not?

Current Clothing

The second rule follows smoothly from the first: modern jewelry should be matched to modern clothes. Contrasts in the images take place and look stylish with the correct placement of accents. But the combination of a delicate pearl necklace or trendy chains with an outdated cardigan or a tight-fitting sweater can cause stylistic dissonance and add a couple of decades to you.

A Combination of Jewelry of Different Styles

Since we mentioned contrasts in the second rule, let’s talk about how to play with them correctly and effectively, so as not to make the image heavier, but, on the contrary, to give it lightness, ease and, as a result, youthfulness.

Bulky sets with jewelry in the same style are gradually leaving the fashion arena. Why? Boring. Not interesting. There is no highlight for which the eye would catch, which would make you think: “Why did she choose these particular jewelry? What is the story behind them?”. 

Independently combining jewelry of different styles, including imagination and creativity, a lady at such a wonderful age can embark on an exciting path of experimentation, create a whole story in one image, weaving together motifs close to her heart. Such a stylish solution is the key to an up—to-date and dynamic image.


Speaking of dynamics. Dynamic jewelry, which, for example, include products with movable inserts or products made of crushed metal, firstly, is now more than ever in trend, and, secondly, they perfectly cope with the rejuvenating function. Such jewelry suggests that their owner is an active woman who keeps up with the times, strives for new heights, only gets prettier every year and is not going to give up positions!


And, perhaps, the last, but no less important rule. In adulthood, it is necessary to approach the amount of jewelry in the image with special care. Of course, one laconic ring or modest earrings may not be enough, but you don’t need to overdo it either. It is better to focus on 2-3 bright accents that will be harmoniously combined with the elements of clothing.

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