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Two birds in will make you happy: Watch now!


There’s something unique about, and anyone who has watched it can pinpoint things. The rooster, featured in the video has its personality and nothing is comparable to it. The same reason can be stated for why the video received this huge attention, making it go viral in no time. Well, the internet is currently only talking about this barbarian rooster, who’s said to have some association with Turkey – making a lovely duo together. They are hilarious to watch and the sensation is getting global now. 

About the video in 

The Turkey and the barbarian rooster are showcasing each other’s association and signify a very playful bond all along. In the whole of YouTube, there’s no other video like this one – – and the duo’s playful nature is what makes it set apart. Moreover, this video is a high production with marvelous video quality. And to add another layer of perfection, there is the crisp audio and the music you hear soothing the graphics. This audio was intended to make the whole vibe of watching the video fun, and that’s exactly what it is doing. 

However, it will be wrong to say that the quality and video visuals are the only aspects working to make the video perfect. Along with the technical part, it is also the concept and entertainment that the video is offering. The two animals are more than enough to keep the viewers constantly watching, starting from 0.1 seconds and till the end. The best part of all is the fact that the animals are trying to interact in the most unexpected ways. 

This video has a message of tenderness hidden and viewers can sense that. There’s nothing serious going on but the two animals showing the perspective of humans bit-by-bit might be the actual reason people are connecting with it. Beyond its message, the visuals blending well with the audio is what captivates the most. 

Features seen in 

_i13zeog4zs video is focused on two birds – one is a turkey and another is a barbarian rooster. Both are supposedly located at what looks like a farmyard along with a couple of chickens around them. The barbarian rooster is somewhat good-looking and has long impressive feathers, but is smaller in size than the turkey. 

Regardless of the turkey’s larger extent, the rooster goes one on one with confidence. While Turkey, understanding its bigger size than the rooster doesn’t seem to initially care about the rooster. It was only when the rooster commenced charging the turkey, that notified him. 

Both go into the tackling mode and you can see feathers tearing down and flying in the air. The two are quite capable and chaos began to get rampant. This time, it was the rooster who kicked the turkey out. 

All of this has one thing to say, which is – even animals carry a personality of their own and retain something distinctive like no other. It may seem like an ordinary video as you begin watching the moves. But once you proceed ahead, you’ll suddenly be very interested and find yourself not being able to skip any part. 

Why video is majorly loved for

You may wonder how a simple video as shown in, that only showcases a rooster and a turkey goes viral. Well, this isn’t just a video as there’s something emotional people are connecting with as they watch it. First of all, it is hilarious to watch and a rooster going full-blown against a turkey is something rare to witness. Such an unusual sight is known to result in an intriguing feeling as you watch. 

This video can also work wonders in relaxing your mind, especially if you are stressed all the time. The rooster is, moreover, extremely brave to create beef with a giant turkey and showcases its bravery. Maybe this bravery is what makes people go wild and connect better.


For anyone who sees life optimistically, happiness doesn’t require big efforts. Even the littlest things like nature and cute bonds of creatures can melt your heart. So, if you aren’t happy with life, maybe it’s time to change the way you see things. And this video at is a reality check of how all creatures are meant to co-exist. Overall, there are many more videos similar to this one, and watching these types can make you fall in love with nature. Nature is certainly very fun to dwell in and you are at a loss if you haven’t felt the true nature at all.

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