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Exploring the Benefits of Earning a Masters of Science in Nursing

Nursing can be a rewarding career as you get to serve people in need, but there’s no denying that it can be tiring too sometimes. Even then, after doctors themselves, nurses probably get the most respect and wages. That is why so many people pursue undergraduate degrees in nursing, and probably you have too.

One question that is always in the minds of nursing students and practicing nurses alike though, is whether it is worth pursuing a master’s degree. Hence, to clear that doubt once and for all, we talk about the various benefits of earning an MSc in nursing. Read on to learn more about his course in Msc nursing colleges in Coimbatore and the rest of India, along with its advantages.

Table of Contents
1. Master of Science in Nursing: A Quick Glance
2. The Benefits of an MSc in Nursing
a. Specialization Options
b. Better and More Diverse Career Opportunities
c. Better Working Hours
d. With More Responsibilities Come More Respect and Authority
3. Conclusion
4. FAQs

Master of Science in Nursing: A Quick Glance

An Msc in nursing is a postgraduate course of 2 years, that anyone with a bachelor’s degree in nursing can pursue. It offers more in-depth knowledge and training in various advanced functions that a nurse can perform in a field/specialization of their choice. Take a look at the table below to get a quick overview of the basic features of this course from MSc Nursing colleges in Tamilnadu, and other states.

Course NameMaster of Science in Nursing
Duration2 years
Mode of ExaminationSemester System
Eligibility CriteriaBSc Nursing or equivalent
Mode of AdmissionMerit or Entrance Examination
Average FeesINR 1.3 Lakhs
Course TypeFull time
Top SpecializationsMedical-Surgical, Child Health, Community Health, Maternal Health
Average SalaryINR 2 LPA
Top EmployersHospitals, Nursing Homes, Military Hospitals, Teaching Hospitals, Healthcare centers, etc.

The Benefits of an MSc in Nursing

So, we’ve told you there are benefits of pursuing a Master’s degree in Nursing after completing your BSc in Nursing from the best nursing colleges in Tamilnadu or elsewhere in India. “What are those benefits?” You might have wondered. Well, without further ado, let us take a look at them.

Specialization Options

Master’s in Nursing programs are often offered in various specializations in Msc nursing colleges in Coimbatore like Cheran College of Nursing. There are often various areas to choose from, like:

  • Master of Science in Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Master of Science in Child Health Nursing
  • Master of Science in Community Health Nursing
  • Master of Science in Maternal Health Nursing

Nurses specializing in something or the other often start their careers with higher-paying job roles in their respective areas.

Better and More Diverse Career Opportunities

Many nursing posts which require treating or managing patients with increasingly complex or chronic conditions are only open the nurses with an MSc degree. That is because these patients require extensive care that only highly qualified nurses (with a master’s, for example) from the best nursing colleges in Coimbatore can provide. Many MSc graduates in nursing often find teaching or private caregiving very lucrative employment options too.

Of course, with more and more complex and specialized roles you’re bound to get paid more. An MSc in nursing graduate is also more likely to rise through the ranks quicker, earning the chance to get those highly coveted head nurse or shift-head roles too.

The table below lists some common job roles and their average salaries you might find after completing your MSc in Nursing from Cheran College of Nursing, for example.

Job ProfileAverage Salary
Registered NurseINR 4.42 LPA
Staff NurseINR 2.81 LPA
Clinical Nurse managerINR 2.67 LPA
Nurse EducatorINR 3.38 LPA

Better Working Hours

Most nurses who’re starting out in their nursing career with just a bachelor’s degree have to work rigorous hours, often 12-hour shifts at a time. With a Masters’s degree in nursing, you’d have a higher chance of landing a specialized role or even a role with managerial duties. That might translate to more regular 8-hour shifts or even some of the time spent behind the desk. And sometimes, even both of those perks, with higher pay! If that’s not a win-win then what is?

With More Responsibilities Come More Respect and Authority

With the kind of roles, you’ll be landing with a Master of Science in Nursing degree, whether it is a professor of nursing or an OT nurse, you’ll be having more responsibilities. Of course, that can be a bit daunting to anyone, even with the higher pay. But rest assured, with the kind of training and experience you’ll be getting while studying for your MSc at nursing colleges in Tamilnadu, you’ll be more than ready to handle anything that comes your way.

And of course, with managerial or high-stakes roles, you’ll have more respect and authority among your peers and coworkers too.


Thus, there are plenty of benefits of earning a Master of Science in Nursing degree from Msc nursing colleges in Coimbatore, and other cities in India. The scope of nursies with postgraduation, both in terms of job opportunities and career growth is better, as a better role is likely to come with better increments. With better hours, more respect, and better pay aside, you can even choose to work independently of organizations and get into private practice, taking care of people in need at their homes. Oh, and you can even choose to pursue the field of research or higher education with an M. Phil or PhD should you want to…the benefits are almost endless.


  1. What are the skills needed to get an MSc in Nursing?

There are some skills that you need to master to be able to work in the type of roles you’ll get after graduation from an MSc in Nursing program. These include communication skills, decision-making, adaptability, and attention to detail.

  1. How much increase in increments can I get with an MSc in Nursing?

With the kind of roles you’ll be getting after an MSc in Nursing, you have a chance of getting approximately around 53% more increment than you’d get with the kind of role you’d have landed with just a Bsc degree. Of course, keep in mind that only the best performers can get this much.

  1. Can I get scholarships to pursue an MSc in Nursing?

Yes. Most colleges, including Cheran College of Nursing, offer scholarship opportunities for MSc in Nursing aspirants.

  1. What are the subjects in an MSC in Nursing?

While a lot of the subjects in your MSc in Nursing program will depend on which specialization you chose, some of the common subjects that can be found in most MSc programs include nursing education, Nursing management, Clinical Nursing, Research & Statistics, etc.

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