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7 Incredible Ways ChatGPT Can Enhance Your Workday Productivity

Many of us might have come across a very trendy term, that is, ChatGPT, but the majority is not yet aware of the functions it performs, as well as why it is so intelligent these days. This article will provide a detailed description of ChatGPT to be mindful of unaware people. It has also helped the public in several profitable ways and has become a subject of interest to the young generation. The growing artificial intelligence and new technologies have a significant role and contribution to the working of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT was released in November of the year 2022 and was developed by OpenAl, a research laboratory in America for artificial intelligence. It is a chatbot, a software application that can understand and mimic human conversation by understanding it through synthetic intelligence methods and translating them into human discussions.

Like Google, it can provide answers or knowledge once it receives the input and perceives it correctly, and give the best possible result it can gather, which is the main reason it gained attention. The second reason being the responses or the output it provides is of the best quality and thoroughly detailed so that the reader gets complete knowledge about the specific topic.

Uses And Working Of ChatGPT

As this software application is a newbie in the market, ChatGPT is accessible to everyone. The second reason for this vast application being free is it needs information and feedback from the public for the betterment of the technology and to provide better and more effective results. It is basically in the research and feedback collection phase. If someone wants the pro version of this application, that is CHatGPT plus, recently, in 2023, a paid subscription has been launched through which the investors may get an even better service.

This software application is scary good. When ChatGPT was first launched, it had more than one million users just after 5 days of its launching. According to recent research, ChatGPT is the fastest-growing online app after its launch in November 2022. Just 2 months after the launching of ChatGPT, the online app had over 100 million active users; in comparison, Tiktok had to wait nine months to reach 100 million active users. 

ChatGPT is also used for summarizing a paragraph, article, or research paper, which is generally lengthy and tedious, making it an indispensable asset for students, professionals, and writers. It helps to point out a paragraph or article is primary and essential parts and rephrase the words to avoid a plagiarized text or document.   

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Access To ChatGPT

One needs to open an account in OpenAl to access the application, and one can click on or use the old URL to access this app through OpenAl for better convenience. Once you open ChatGPT, you can start your conversation by asking the questions you want to know about. There is no limit to questions one can ask as it is free of cost and is currently gathering data in order to develop the feedback system more and give better service to the people. 

ChatGPT has some basic uses, such as coding, writing and organizing emails, and much more. With passing days, new uses are being added to the list. The subscription for the pro version needs $20/ month. The perks of getting a subscription are that it gives faster and more prominent service and guarantees general access at a given capacity. However, using the free version is the same as using the pro version as both of them have the same technical abilities, except the pro version guarantees access to the latest version of ChatGPT.  But sometimes the site gets overloaded due to overuse by many people, resulting in not being able to show you the desired results. It will start performing normally once the overload is minimized.  

ChatGPT first came to the front of social media in collaboration with Snapchat. It also helps the content creators of the new generation to engage more in social media. It can produce attractive tweets for Twitter and posts for Facebook or Instagram and also saves your time as the service is fast and measurable. 

Top 7 Ways Chatgpt Enhances Your Working Productivity

  1. Starting your workday with a dose of motivation

Motivation is one of the most critical aspects for a working person. People who are generally de-motivated lay in bed for the whole day and don’t have the enthusiasm to do any hectic and hard work, which can earn them a lot of money. Motivation plays a vital role on the days one has challenging tasks to do ahead of the day. ChatGPT can help and motivate you to start your day on the right foot. 

To get help from ChatGPT, all you need to do is create a prompt with sufficient information so that the ChatGPT perceives the context you want to input, understands it, and provides you with the best possible results. 

For example, if you have an exam today and feel your heart pounding, you can ask ChatGPT for some motivation, and it will respond accordingly.

  1. ChatGPT can be your writing assistant too

Many workplaces include writing skills which is a vital and time-consuming task. It may include writing lengthy reports on some observations, composing emails to friends or colleagues, drafting documents, etc. ChatGPT will play a significant role in helping you here too. It will work as your writing assistant here. For example-  If you need to summarize a lengthy report, copy the text, paste it into ChatGPT, and ask it only to highlight the main points.

  1. ChatGPT as your coding assistant                                                      

ChatGPT can also help you by boosting your work productivity and helping you in coding if you are learning to make codes. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced person or a newbie in coding. It enables you to correct your mistakes and learn everything from the roots. You need to copy the code and ask ChatGPT whether it is correct, and if you are wrong, ask to rectify your faults.

  1. Maintain work schedule

People with a lot of work need an organized work schedule for a smooth life without any difficulties. ChatGPT asks you to note the important task you must perform ahead of your day. After you list it and input it to ChatGPT, it will reorganize your data correctly and systematically so that your work schedule does not pressure you.

  1. Simplify hard tasks

If you are facing difficulty understanding any term, some codes, you wish you had an expert to rely on. ChatGPT can be your expert. Just input the term or code you cannot understand, which will simplify it for you like a five-year-old.

  1. Create new and unique ideas

Suppose someday you have been given an article to write; you open the word and sit blank with the topic as you don’t have enough creative ideas or content to make the topic appealing to the reader. This is when ChatGPT can generate creative content for you, and you are good to go.

  1. Time efficient results

Google is one of the most used search engines. If you enter a question there, it provides you with many other websites which may or may not be relevant to your topic, so you keep searching from one website to the other for relevant results, and it’s time-consuming. ChatGPT does not provide you with different websites; it directly answers or clarifies the questions that have been asked to it and saves you time.


Without any doubt, ChatGPT is an amazing software application that can make one’s life easier by simplifying things. However, as days pass, the developers gather and research various uses and technologies that can be applied to this program to make it an alluring idea for the users. Certain technical issues and glitches will be wiped out as the day passes, and the person using the ChatGPT will have a limited capacity for smoother results and better service.

It is a tool that can grow motivation in a writer’s or professional’s mind by just summarizing and simplifying the lengthy and boring. ChatGPT is one of the best options and answers to the problems faced by the public people. It is objective in nature; that is, it analyses and thinks about the people as a whole and not just a single person. ChatGPT is generally a multitasking software that can perform a lot of functions that require a lot of thinking and processing if done by human beings, but ChatGPT is time efficient and provides quality service in less time.

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