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3 Reasons Why Briarwood is the Best Alcohol Detox Center in Austin

De-addiction from alcohol has gotten easier with the arrival of several detox centers across the country. These centers have the right treatments and well-equipped facilities for you to relax and rest while your body is relieved of the drugs. But, of the many centers across the land, which one is the best, you might ask. We would say that Briarwood Detox Center, located in Austin, Texas is the best alcohol detox there is, and we have our reasons for that too. 

Briarwood is a Top-Rated Detox Center in Austin

Briarwood has been built in a serene location, far from the hectic lifestyle of cities. It is powered by teams of well-trained physicians, combined with standardized treatment practices. Every year hundreds of patients join the detox programs in Briarwood Detox Center and start their journey towards sobriety. All the patients will be given individually tailored treatment programs that are safe and greatly reduce the risk of relapse in them.

Experienced Team of Medical Professionals

The medical teams, like we mentioned before, are well-trained and more than experienced in the field. The facility houses physicians, psychologists, clinicians who will coordinate with your treatment plan and provide you maximum care and attention. They will make sure you phase through the detox process easily with minimal strains from relapse and withdrawal symptoms.

Best Infrastructure in the City

The facility houses treatment blocks, residential areas, open lawns, and more. It is aesthetically designed to give the patients a calm and relaxing mindset. You can have your own private room with your king-size bed, you can order chef-prepared gourmet meals any time of the day, you can take a dip in the private pool, or even read in a quiet corner of the lawn. It has them all. The alcohol detox center has been specifically designed like a resort to make the patients feel comfortable during their stay there.

Timely & Personalized Attention

The experienced staff at Briarwood Detox Center provide round-the-clock assistance to all the patients in the center. They make sure the patients get through every step of their personal-treatment plan. This way they all know the status of every patient on board and know how to take them forward. With all these great advantages you can surely get out of your addiction. 

Acceptance of a Large Number of Insurances

The most important reason why Briarwood is the best is because it has tied up with almost all the major insurance providers in the country. No matter which company you may be working in, you will definitely be covered by any of the insurance providers who are partnered with Briarwood. This means you won’t have to worry about the expenses that can come with the treatment. You can even choose the luxury alcohol detox program and have a great vacation here. The luxury program comes with a lot more amenities and facilities for you to enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best care from the leading professionals in the field.

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