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How to Start Online Running at Low Cost

If you are having a tough time deciding how to start exercising, we have a few tips for you to think about. There are plenty of ways to get fit these days and the easiest way is to go running. You can go for outdoor running or even Online running like many millennials and Gen Z youngsters do. For this, you will need a treadmill instead of a training bike and a smartphone to install an app.

Running is the Best Exercise for Your Body

Before we get into what the app is and how it works, let’s see why running is better than other exercises. While running you lift and drag your own body weight around. This means you can use your weight to tone your muscles. This is opposed to lifting weights in gyms, where the additional  weights can cause problems like soreness, cramps, etc. Running on the other hand is very safe and very practical. Second good thing about running is that it helps you streamline your breathing and makes you feel fresh every day. You expand your lungs, begin breathing properly and you will notice the changes in your body and mind very soon.

Treadmills are Cheaper than Other Equipment

This is why many people are shifting to running these days. Some of them have gone a step further by installing a treadmill at their homes and practising Indoor running. The growing demand for treadmills has also sparked a lot of manufacturers to bring up new models that compete with each other. Gone are the days when you get a treadmill with just a rotating platform and a pair of handles. Some new models of treadmills come with activity trackers and their own monitoring apps. The competitions have also reduced their prices too.

Get the Vingo App & Connect Your Treadmill

If you are new to running, you can go ahead and buy yourself a latest model treadmill. Once you get it, you can then install the Vingo app on your iPhone. This app is what’s going to transform your running time. Vingo is an Online running app that uses virtual reality to give you an outdoor experience while you run indoors. This is a futuristic concept that has come to fruition. You can get into this virtual world for as little as $9 per month and add up to 8 people to your account. You will get exciting features like avatars, voice chat, 3D maps, social media connectivity, etc. with it. What more do you want in an app?

Track Your Activity & Stay Fit with the Vingo App

The app will connect with your treadmill via Bluetooth and start monitoring your activity and movements. You need not worry if you have an older version treadmill. You can manually input the readings in the app. You can run, jog, sprint, and do a lot more with Vingo. Some people even use it as a biking app by pairing it with their training bikes. You can do so too.

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